The end of my world

When we arrived home, I opened the front door and called my husband to help.  I asked him to find the antihistamine cream in my bag in the hall and put it on Evelyn’s sting.

In a few seconds I was back in the car and I set off through the busy traffic.  I went to the Pharmacy counter in Boots and I said “this is urgent”.

They were very quick and I returned home.  T dissolved the tablets as instructed and I reassured him that the quantity was correct.

I sat with Evelyn after she had taken the medication.  She needed to spit into a bowl because she felt sick.

I cannot give the full detail of what happened next and there is no need to.  The timeline is important though.

About 16.40 Evelyn suddenly struggled to breathe

T ran out of the front door to see if he could get our neighbour who is a paediatrician

Evelyn and I walked towards the front door

T heard me scream out that we needed an ambulance.

Our 9 year old son dialled 999 and Evelyn collapsed in the hall

T took the phone and I was already trying to resuscitate

The ambulance arrived and I saw a reflection of blue light on the wall.

The ambulance man said “keep going, you are doing great”

Couple of seconds later, she was placed in the ambulance

An air ambulance was overhead

I travelled in the front of the ambulance to A and E

I fought to stay conscious and to keep breathing

I knew she was dead