Evelyn Mary Smith died at the age of 7 from Bacterial Tracheitis, an infection that can follow on from viral croup. She had been to A and E about 38 hours before her death and twice to her GP practice, the latest visit being about an hour before she died.

The death was not reported for five and a half hours, the Root Cause Analysis report into her death did not reflect the medical notes and contained false allegations that she was running around in A and E and that she only had tonsillitis.  The Safeguarding Board’s public report was incorrect about the cause of death and the inquest took place a year after her death because the family fought for justice and researched the facts.  The hospital submitted their report to the court, knowing that it was factually incorrect.

Her mother has been left with distressing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The story of how Evelyn’s family have been treated is shocking and the truth needs to be publicly known.  So this is the truth about Evelyn ….